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Frank Birklein, UMC-Mainz, gives prestigious Sunderland Lecture at the 36th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Pain Society

May 12, 2016

Frank Birklein from ncRNAPain partner Universitaetsmedizin der JohannesGutenberg-Universitaet Mainz (UMC-Mainz) was honoured to be invited to give the prestigious Sunderland lecture at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Pain Society, which took place from 13 to 16 March 2016 at Perth, Australia. This particular lecture is offered to an international guest speaker each year in commemoration of Sydney Sunderland, a pioneer in the description of recovery following peripheral nerve injury. Apart from this lecture, where Frank talked on “Painful neuropathies: an attempt to read the pain for a better treatment”, he additionally gave a plenary lecture on “Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS): What we know and what we are looking for”, and offered career advice to young researchers at the “Meet the Speakers” breakfast session.