European Commission: FP7
  • Developing new therapies
  • Enhancing individual therapies
  • Improving clinical diagnostics
  • Understanding mechanisms of pain

Related Projects

In order to foster networking within the scientific community, particular attention is paid to collaboration with other related initiatives especially other on-going projects or networks on national and international level.

Further pain-related projects receiving funding under the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme are:


Multidimensional omics approach to stratification of patients with low back pain
Coordinator: Massimo Allegri


Mechanisms and treatment of migraine and its chronification
Coordinator: Michel Ferrari


Natural sensory feedback for phantom limb pain modulation and therapy
Coordinator: Winnie Jensen


Understanding chronic pain and new druggable targets: Focus on glial–opioid receptor interface
Coordinator: Eija Kalso


Probing the role of sodium channels in painful neuropathies
Coordinator: Giuseppe Lauria


The NGF system and its interplay with endocannabinoid signalling, from peripheral sensory terminals to the brain: new targets for the development of next generation drugs for neuropathic pain
Coordinator: Antonino Cattaneo


Neuropathic pain: Biomarkers and druggable targets within the endogenous analgesia system
Coordinator: Rafael Maldonado

A communication summarizing pain-related EU funded research is published by Kringel D, Lötsch J: Pain research funding by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme. European journal of pain (London, England). 05/2015; 19(5):595-600. DOI: 10.1002/ejp.690

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