European Commission: FP7
  • Developing new therapies
  • Enhancing individual therapies
  • Improving clinical diagnostics
  • Understanding mechanisms of pain

University Hospital of Würzburg

The Universitätsklinikum Würzburg (UKW) is an independent public higher education University Hospital with 19 Departments including ambulatory centres as well as four scientific institutes.

Per year 55,000 patients are treated in the hospital and 210,000 patients are treated as outpatients.

The UKW is academically part of the University of Würzburg, a public institution, and belongs to the Medical Faculty. Neuroscience is one of the core areas of research.

Research contributed to this project will be performed by the Department of Neurology UKW-NEURO) and the Department of Anaesthesiology (UKW-ANESTH).