European Commission: FP7
  • Developing new therapies
  • Enhancing individual therapies
  • Improving clinical diagnostics
  • Understanding mechanisms of pain

University of Bordeaux

University of Bordeaux (UB) is specialized in Health and Life sciences, including about 3000 academic and research staff and welcoming about 45.000 students, including 12% foreign students. UB has built its training as well as its research interests around life and health sciences in all their medical, biological, social and community dimensions. UB offers 245 curricula at Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels (compliant with the Bologna process) in 4 main fields: Science and technology; Law, political science, economy, management; Life and health sciences; Social and human sciences.

Research activities are organized around 5 clusters that go beyond strict disciplinary and national boundaries: Neurosciences, Public health and Society, Transbiomed, Health technologies and Biology and Integrative Ecology.