European Commission: FP7
  • Developing new therapies
  • Enhancing individual therapies
  • Improving clinical diagnostics
  • Understanding mechanisms of pain

Innsbruck Medical University

The Innsbruck Medical University (IMU) stands for outstanding performance in the fields of science, research, teaching and patient care. Founded in 2004 and it has today some 3,000 students, an annual budget of € 150 million and 1,800 employees from whom 1,200 are scientific staff members. IMU has 10 administrative divisions, 9 preclinical departments with 22 divisions and 21 clinical units. Curricula are established for medical school, dentists and a formal PhD programme in medical sciences. The main objectives of Innsbruck Medical University are to provide top quality teaching and training, world-class research and continuous advancements in top-flight medicine.

Research contributed to this project will be performed by the Division of Physiology (IMU-PHYSIO), the Division of RNomics (IMU-RNOM), the Division of Genetic Epidemiology (IMU-GENEPI) and the Division of Bioinformatics (IMU-BIOINF).