European Commission: FP7
  • Developing new therapies
  • Enhancing individual therapies
  • Improving clinical diagnostics
  • Understanding mechanisms of pain


Founded in 1995, EXIQON is a public Danish biotech company (SME) with a staff of around 75 employees and facilities in Copenhagen (DK) and Boston (MA).

The company has two Divisions:

  1. Life Sciences, which focus on development of molecular tools for RNA research - in particular microRNAs -using the EXIQON proprietary locked nucleic acid (LNA™) technology. The tools allow sensitive and specific analysis of miRNAs as well as functional analysis through inhibition. Currently LNA™ Gapmers are being developed for knock down of long RNA species like mRNA and lncRNAs.
  2. Diagnostics, which develops novel molecular diagnostic tests exploiting microRNAs as biomarkers for disease and prognosis. Several of the diagnostic programs focus on the development of assays that facilitate the characterization of microRNA expression profiles in biofluids like serum, plasma and urine. The research programmes are taking place in collaboration with academic institutions and hospitals.


Photo of Peter  Mouritzen
Peter Mouritzen
Vice President Research and Development
Skelstedet 16
2950 VedbaekDenmark